Aeolian Islands 7 days


Program suggested is for a one week trip Palermo-Eolie-Palermo

The Aeolian Islands can easily be reached by boarding our boats in Palermo. This itinerary has been designed for you traveling at an average speed of 6 knots per hours.

DAY 1 Palermo

Boarding time is 6pm followed by assigning of accommodations on board and an information briefing. It will be your choice to either depart immediately or spend the night at the Palermo marina taking in some of the city and tasting the traditional cannoli with ricotta.

DAY 2 Cefalù (31 miles, approx. 4h and 30m)

Departure at 8am steering toward Cefalù. It will be possible to stop for a unforgettable swim in the transparent water in the Porticello Bay or Santa Flavia and go for a quick visit through the delightful town. We estimate the arrival in the late afternoon. It will be your choice to dock in the marina or lay anchor in a sheltered cove (average docking expense 60euro per sailboat). Cefalù is a sea town with a picturesque seaport, from where it is possible to admire the walled town, and all of the huge arches that are boat shelters. There are many churches and museums to visit. Fresh fish is served in all the seafront restaurants. We suggest the restaurant Scolgio Ubriaco. It has a terrace with a wonderful view. You must taste the artichoke heart salad with shredded Parmiggiano and the salmon in a sweet and sour sauce made with honey and green pepper corns. Simple but unforgettable.

DAY 3 Vulcano (45 miles, approx. 7h)

Morning departure toward Vulcano, were you will arrive in the early afternoon. It is possible to moor close to the Scoglio della Quaglia from which the Grotto del Cavallo and the Piscina di Venere are easy to reach with the tender. After that, we suggest sailing to the Sabbie Nere beach where you can easily enjoy the natural thermal water pools. One of the most fascinating sunsets of the planet can be seen from the crater. It can be reached on foot in about 1h following the paths. Dinner and overnight stay planned in a nearby sheltered cove.

DAY 4 Lipari (.3 miles approx. 10minutes)

In the morning, departure to visit Lipari, the largest of the Eolie islands. You may stop at the Faraglioni and leave the boat with the tender to explore the grottoes and the coves nearby. After that you may continue the tour around the island and stop to swim in front of the Pomici (pomice stone mines) where the water is turquoise. At the end of the day we suggest you dock at the old port of Lipari called Marina Corta and spend the evening in town.

DAY 5 Salina-Panarea (9 miles, approx. 1.3h) In the morning, departure in direction of Salina and it will be possible to spend the relaxing morning hours enjoying the sea. You may move from cove to cove along the northern cost of Salina and stop in front of Lingua Santa Maria di Salina, drop your anchor and go for a visit of the old town of Salina where you can taste the famous Granita or the Pane Cunzatu prepared by Alfredo. In the afternoon, sail to Panarea stopping in the lovely Cala Junco Cove. Enjoy the sea and go for a visit to the ruins of the prehistoric settlement that overlooks the cove. You may then go to Lisca Bianca, one of a group of very small islands that are made up of the peaks of an underwater volcano, and swim in the bubbles caused from the sulphuric gases coming out of the volcano. Later in the day,you may go see Basiluzzo, the biggest of the uninhabited islands in this area, and also the most beautiful one. For the evening you may moor in a sheltered cove in front of the town of Panarea and enjoy the “bella vita.” If you sail to Stromboli (0.8 miles approx. 20 minutes) during the night you will be able to see the Sciara del Fuoco, red flares of lava against the black sky, caused by the regular volcanic activity of this continual eruption.

DAY 6 Stromboli-Filicudi (31 miles approx. 4.3h)

Wakeup in Stromboli and sail to Strombolicchio, the most northern island of Sicily. There it will be possible to dive into the abyss and go for a walk to the light house or visit the volcano. The perpetual explosive activity of the volcano makes it easy to get a glimpse of the spectacle from nearby and the loud explosions send lapillus soaring in the air. It is so amazing that you will forget the hike. There will also be the chance to visit the town of Stromboli if you would like. In the afternoon, sail to Filicudi and visit the Bue Marino, the grotto where seals used to live and supposedly the home of a roaring monster that everybody hears. But the myth dissolves if you visit the cave ……it is the water breaking on the rocks that makes the noise. You may spend the afternoon enjoying the sun and the sea. Sail to Alicudi after dusk and spend the night moored in a sheltered cove.

DAY 7 Alicudi-Mondello (34 miles approx. 5h.)

Sailing around Alicudi will be an experience of unforgettable pleasure since the island is made of a very tall indented coastline and deep crags. On Alicudi the rhythm of life is taken from the movement of the sun and of the sea. Enjoy the island without any disturbing sound …. not even cars. Deep sea fishing enthusiasts suggest diving close to the Jalera Cliff. There are plenty of lobsters, amberjacks and sea-bass. We will head to Palermo in the afternoon where arrival time is scheduled for 6pm at the Marina.

DAY 8 Disembark in Palermo

9am Time to leave the boat.