Egadi islands

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  Rent a boat Egadi IslandsThe archipelago of Egadi is considered by some the 8th Wonder of the World. Filled with ancient history and traditions borrowed from all of their conquerors, today it is home to the largest marine protected area in Italy. The sea bed is an underwater Garden of Eden, so rich in flora and fauna that it will amaze you. It is a perfect spot for archeology lovers.

Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are the largest of these islands, and there are 2 smaller ones named Maraone and Formica that are very close to Trapani.

Each one of these islands is absolutely magnificent, blessed as they are with the many hidden coves and grottoes that are spread out along the rocky indented coastline and the intimate cozy beaches. Green caper crops, fruit trees and old and very rare vineyards cover most of the land. Get ready for sea turtles and dolphins to swim along side of the boat and playfully jump out of the water as if performing for you.

In the Genovese Cave on Levanso, we find the only Paleolithic rock carvings in Italy.

marettimo egadiMarettimo has been identified as Itaca, the lost land to which Ulysses longed to sail back to. The endangered seal specie, monachus monachus, has recently been spotted in the Cammello Grotto. If swimming in the Tuono Grotto the noise produced by the waves breaking on the rocks resembles the noise of thunder.

Still not enough? Exploring under water it is easy to find old Roman and Carthaginian battle ships that want to remind us of the bloody battles that took place during the Punic Wars.

These islands offer you pure magic that will make your nature loving heart throb and make this sailing journey unforgettable.